Symptoms to look for between flu and COVID-19, when to get tested


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With the pandemic looming over us, doctors say it is extremely important to get your flu shot this year.

The Richmond County Health Department is lending a helping hand this afternoon with drive up vaccinations.

You must wear a shirt that makes your upper arm accessible, and occupants in the car must wear a mask.

Now, it is important to note that you will not get the flu from the flu shot. It is a killed virus that’s injected.

The Chief Medical Officer at Augusta University, Dr. Phillip Coule, says the symptoms of COVID and the flu are almost, if not, the same.

The only way to tell is to get tested and lessen your chance of contracting the flu with the shot.

“People get really good protection from the flu vaccine. In the event that they don’t, we know that people that still happen to get the flu, who did get a flu shot have a much milder course,” says Dr. Coule.

Getting the flu shot will also help ease the strain on hospitals during this time.

A sudden onset of fever, chills, headaches, bodyaches, and vomiting really can mean either and you’ll only be able to tell if you get tested.

So much has changed since the beginning of the year, so I asked Dr. Coule: how do we not overtest? Or to put it simply… When should we test for COVID now?

“I would encourage people to get tested if they have a known exposure, or if they have symptoms consistent with COVID,” says Dr. Coule.

If you’re headed to the Health Department for your flu shot, it starts at 1:30 until 3:30. Bring an ID, insurance card, and consent form.

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