3/4 UPDATE: 

We have new information about the 3 month old baby who police say was molested and sodomized by a Swainsboro man. 

Swainsboro police say the baby is still in the hospital, but doctors moved her off the critical list. Detectives spent some time with her in the hospital. They say, at this point, it is hard to tell if she suffered any lasting damage, but she is recovering and doing better. 

William Woods is charged with aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy and cruelty to children. Woods is still in jail, but not in Emanuel County. 

Swainsboro police tell us Woods and the baby’s mother, Brandy Lee, were moved from the Emanuel County Jail. Jail staff tell us they are not able to tell us where they are now. 

According to police, Woods called 911 and when EMS arrived, the baby was unconscious. NewsChannel 6 requested a copy of that 911 call, but we were told we could not get it because there is a gag order on the recording. 

William Woods has a bond hearing scheduled for April 3. There is not a bond hearing scheduled yet for Brandy Lee. 

New details in the gruesome investigation of a Swainsboro baby who was physically and sexually abused.

William Woods is now charged with aggravated sodomy, child molestation battery and cruelty to children. The mother, Brandy Lee, is also charged with cruelty to children for her negligence. 

Both are in custody in Emanuel County in connection to the alleged child abuse.

“How in the world? It just makes no sense,” says neighbor Sandy Hancock. 

Disbelief, anger, sadness, sick to your stomach–some of the many emotions felt by many after they heard about this case on Thursday. 

“I’ve held my own in my hands and there ain’t no way that I could imagine,” says Hancock. “I’d want to hurt someone if they even thought about that about my children, or any child for that fact. Hopefully, they can get it situated and we ain’t gotta worry about him doing that to no one else, ever again.” 

Swainsboro Police Chief Randy Ellison says they are doing just that. 

“We have to be the voice for that child so we’re trying to be strong, but a lot of us yesterday, a lot of the investigators yesterday, my staff, the officers, it really affected them and we kinda had to step away from some of those things as it was being introduced and just get our composure,” says Chief Ellison.

The baby’s mother, Brandy Lee, is also charged with cruelty to children. 

“She made some decisions to leave her child in the custody of who she had knowledge was a methenphedamine user,” says Chief Ellison.

Some of the baby’s family tells us they’ve feared for this child since her birth just three months ago. 

“This child has spent time with them in a very positive way, just days before,” says Chief Ellison. “The child has a lot of love in the family. We did have to bring in DFACS of course because of the situation and in the interest of the placement of the child in the future, it’s going to be left up to them. Three month old little girl who had burises all over her body. In some point in the altercation, she lost consciousness and then as a result of that, he decided to call EMS.” 

Medics flew the baby to Augusta University where she is now receiving treatment. 

Original article below:

This information comes from Halei Lamb with Emanuel County Live.

The Swainsboro Police Department believes Brandy Lee left her daughter in the care of William Branden Woods where the 3-month-old was allegedly physically and sexually abused.

Investigators say Woods called for EMS Wednesday morning to an apartment complex on North Anderson Drive. When they arrived, the baby girl was unresponsive and taken to the Emanuel Medical Center where she was resuscitated.

Police responded to the emergency room where they observed injuries consistent with aggravated battery. The infant was airlifted to Augusta University for treatment. As of Wednesday night, she was listed in critical condition.

Woods is now facing several charges including aggravated battery, child cruelty, child molestation, sodomy and possession of methamphetamine.

The child’s mother, Brandy Lee, is charged with child cruelty for negligence.

The incident is under investigation, and more arrests are possible.