“Suspending” recycling to go before Augusta commission


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) Ever since Augusta began providing curbside trash service nearly 20 years ago, recycling has been a part of it. But Tuesday, Commissioners are scheduled to discuss separating recycling from the program.

The blue lid recycling bins only are used by about 30 percent of Augusta trash customers, but some commissioners would like to mandate every customer get one even though that may no longer be possible.

“I would like to see it mandatory but one of the things we also have to consider is the industry. The recycling industry has gone down,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Augusta’s recycling program is going down, one reason: the rent went up at its recycling transfer station.

Also there’s a problem with those materials being contaminated with household trash making them useless, and China is no longer buying recyclables like it used to.

“It is a big concern when China says no, no enough is enough you know that you have hit rock bottom, and China is not participating the way that they were,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

And that has Commissioner Sammie Sias wanting to discuss suspending the city’s recycling program, saying three hundred cities across the county have already done so.

‘You would like to see it suspended then?

“For the money wise and costing yes I would strictly based on that,” says Commissioner Clarke.

“If the vendors that buy recycling don’t buy it at a reasonable price is it really worth our effort in trying to recycle,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams

If Commissioners go ahead and suspend the recycling program there would be a lot of questions what happens to the cost to consumers and what about the recycling bins would customers continue to use it has a second trash can or would it be picked up.

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