AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– As we continue to observe Breast Cancer Awareness month, meet a local survivor who says her positive attitude, even through the toughest days, made a difference.

A mother of two, Jennie Phillips was diagnosed in April of 2019.

“I got diagnosed with breast cancer two days before my 37th birthday.”

Jennie was getting ready for bed when she discovered a lump.

“There was redness and my breast was hot to touch, so I knew something was very wrong- it was like it came out of nowhere.”

The next morning, her primary care doctor sent her immediately to Dr. Randy Cooper.

“The way that Dr. Cooper works, the way the Breast Health Center at University works, you know, you’re able to be seen very quickly. I went from his office downstairs to have a mammogram and ultrasound, back upstairs to have a biopsy- all within a couple of hours time.”

The news wasn’t good: stage three locally advanced cancer, meaning it was also in the skin. And time was the enemy.

“I did chemo for 16 weeks, then had a bilateral mastectomy, then radiation for 6 and a half weeks.”

Jennie and her husband made a special effort to model an optimistic attitude for her kids, throughout her cancer journey.

“I was very real with them, but they always heard me saying how it was going to get better, just that positivity. I had wonderful support from my husband, my sister, my family and friends, and coworkers… and I’m grateful for that.”