Survey shows Thanksgiving dinner cost is the lowest in 10 years


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Food prices have fluctuated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic but the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) reports Thanksgiving dinner will cost the lowest since 2010.

Jimmy Lester has lived in Augusta for his whole life. Keeping coronavirus in mind, Lester’s holiday plans are set as his daughter will cook her first Thanksgiving meal.

He explained, “We’re going to sit down with maybe some neighbors share our good fortune. Being Americans and Augustans is welcomed to sit at the table.”

Food prices surged when COVID-19 started to spread across the country earlier this year but the AFBF’s annual Thanksgiving cost survey of classic holiday foods reveals the cost for Thanksgiving dinner is about two dollars less than last year’s average.

In a statement, AFBF Chief Economist Dr. John Newton said, “Pricing whole turkeys as ‘loss leaders’ to entice shoppers and move product is a strategy we’re seeing retailers use that’s increasingly common the closer we get to the holiday.”

Compared to 2019, the cost of a 16-pound bird is down 7%. This year a 16-pound turkey rings up for a little more than 19 dollars. The average price for a feast for 10 is about $46.90. That’s less than five bucks per person, according to the AFBF.

Have you noticed if prices have gone up on certain things?

“No, really they’re about the same. I was quite pleased. The Pepsi was buy two get two free. which was my reason for being here and getting some dessert,” replied Lester.

While dessert items like pumpkin pie mix have seen a little bit of a price increase, you can still find vegetables and other Thanksgiving favorites for cheap.

Lester added, “I have noticed once again people are doing the buying a lot of paper products. When I do the shopping on Saturday. Have noticed a lot of folks with an awful lot of toilet paper.”

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