AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Empty shelves and higher prices are becoming a common sight as supply chain issues cause grocery store shortages.

Supply chain issues are caused by a couple of factors with the largest being labor shortages.

Transportation and truck driver shortages also contribute to issue.

“Each of those places are having tight labor crunches and in between getting from the first place to the second place trucking has been limited,” Dean of the AU College of Business Dr. Rick Franza said.

As many people gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, supply chain issues are increasing the price of items.

“Anytime there’s less of something people can charge more for it,” Franza said.

If wings are on your menu– you may have a hard time finding what you need to make them at home.

You can still order them from a restaurant though you may get a smaller portion.

“What some restaurants are doing is keeping the prices the same but reducing portion sizes. So, where you may have gotten 10 wings now, you’re getting 8 wings,” Franza said.

As omicron cases decline and more people return to work, Franza has a positive outlook for the near future.

“As more workers are available the prices will come down. It’s not going to come down all the way, but the seven and a half percent inflation we heard announced yesterday will start coming down,” Franza said.