Summerville business owners ask for bigger police presence after break-in


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Surveillance video shows several people walk up to Sheehan’s Irish Pub last week. Two people reportedly kept watch outside while another person threw a rock into the glass of the front door, shattering it.

“He was in and out in 53 seconds,” Jovany Gertler, the owner of Sheehan’s Irish Pub, said.

The owners, Jovany and Shawntae Gertler, learned about the break-in the next morning. Neighbors helped them clean up the broken glass and replace the glass in the front door. They were able to reopen the same day. The Gertlers hope the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office sends deputies to patrol the area more often.

“This whole little block on Central Avenue and Monte Sano Avenue is all businesses. We all try to stick together and support one another. Knowing that one of us got hit makes it a little bit nerve-wracking.”

Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight, who represents the Summerville area, agrees.

“I want the residents who live around me and my constituents to feel safe,” McKnight said. “We don’t need to be putting up with this.”

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has been trying to fill positions. When NewsChannel 6 spoke to them last month, they more than 22 road patrol spots open.

“The crime has got to stop,” McKnight said. “There has got to be a way that we get more deputies out there on the road.”

Until then, the Gertlers will come together with the neighborhood they have come to love.

“We’re just so proud to be part of this community, especially not being from the area,” Gertler said. “My wife and I being ingratiated into the community means the world to us.”

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