Summer program teaches kids all about Cyber


CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education program created by the Air Force Association to inspire students toward careers in cyber security. During the week students will learn the importance of cyber safety and how to protect their personal devices and information from outside threats.

“They don’t know a world where instant information isn’t at their fingertips. How to master that, employee and protect our country from our point of view,” says Executive Director, Tom Clark. 

Executive Director Tom Clark, says there is so much for them to learn within a week.
Monday starts with some simple things that make up cyber and the rest of the week will follow with 4 hours of instruction each day.

”How to not get hacked and if I do… how to get out of it,” says Pax Plumlee a student who is attending the program.  

On the last day of the program students will put what they have learned during the week to the test with a mini-competition.
Dave Besel is one of the lead instructors. He compares it to getting ready for a big game.

“It’s almost like teaming up in a basketball team and getting these kids to motivate themselves to want to compete, want to learn and grow on their own.

This is all in hopes to bridge the gap between the amount of jobs and the people needed to fill them.

“It’s always fun to watch them go from this stuff is really too much for me, to really getting excited and talking about it with the other kids.”

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