AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Around this time some students especially high schoolers are scrambling through college acceptance letters, deciding on what career opportunities best suits their future some even decide not to attend a college or university.

“I considered it for about a month but I just really like school so I just decided to stay the full four “ said Jessica Steadman, Junior at Augusta University.

The decision on whether to attend a two year tech school or four year university straight out of high school can become a student’s toughest choice.

Students at Augusta university say their choice to attend a four year university was simple.

“When I was looking at colleges the information about two year or trade school colleges was never presented to me it was always just the fur year college was always in my view when I decided to come here” said Zyare Orr, senior at Augusta University.

“I wanted to get a higher education and strengthen the skills I already had growing ” said Anastasya Lubin, Sophomore Augusta University.

GiGi Addai says she considered attending a two year college or technical school but when it came to her final decision Augusta University was the best fit for her.

“I considered it definitely just because I wanted to attend a school fast but I found out that I enjoy an academic setting so I just decided to go with the four year college “ said Addai.

Dharva Bhadt who is attending Augusta tech says  choosing to attend a technical school may not be the first option for some but he decided to explore all of his options with the help of people surrounding him.

“Asking my counselors and exploring around having tours internships volunteer I was able to learn that two year college was perfect” said Bhadt.

Some people like 20 year old Bradley sikes decide not to attend a college at all and go straight into a full time job– Bradley went straight into his career as a real estate agent and has already won awards and sold plenty of homes in the CSRA – he wants students to know it’s okay if a four year traditional school isn’t in the cards—they can still become very successful.

“College is not for everyone so people or more motivated and everyone has a different story so if you feel as though you’re needing something right now you’re ready to job into a career I would move toward that and pursue that” said Sikes.

Donna Wendt is the Director of career services at Augusta Tech, she says the biggest advice to anyone it to take your time and pick the best fit for you and your future career.

“Spend some time thinking about what you like to do, talk to adults that you trust  talk to people that you admire in a certain job or occupation “ Said Wendt.