AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Following a recent mass shooting at Michigan State University, students at Augusta University talk about why on-campus safety is so important.

Safety anywhere is always at the top of the list, and when students are on campus, their main concern is their academics, but in some cases, students are having to consider both.

“Mass shootings are something that, as an American, I should not say that my country does,” AU Junior Charmi Patel said.

According to NPR, by May of 2022 there had been 27 school mass shootings. 

“It’s sad to know that there’s people out there that could literally come out today and just shoot. So, I just want to say stop to it and it shouldn’t happen because it’s not something that we should be proud of, and it’s not something we should continue,” Patel said.

A Cell Molecular Biology major, Patel is in places like study halls on campus quite often but says she doesn’t fear for her safety.

“I have never encountered something that has been dangerous, and to say that very strongly is very fortunate for me because there’s places where it’s not,” Patel said.

And her classmates would agree. 

“I feel like we have a great campus, I always see like the police officers driving around and I’ll pass their station on, like down at the Health Science campus and stuff which just makes me feel safe,” AU Freshman Julia Masino said.

Still students know that these tragedies are the current reality for some and can happen to anyone.

“I can’t say that I’ve ever walked around campus feeling unsafe, but I can expect that that’s somehow, sometimes what a lot of students feel, and they never know what’s going to happen,” Masino said.

AU offers mental health sessions with professional counselors; all anyone has to do is seek help.

“SCAPS is like an Augusta University special program where they have people that want to get therapy sessions and they can do it. And I recently heard that their cases have been more than ever which is sad, but in reality, is actually getting the help they need,” Patel said.

If you’d like to schedule a counseling appointment, call (706) 737-1471.