AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- First responders in Augusta are working together to establish a safe response for those in active violent emergencies.

 It’s through an initiative known as #StrongAugusta, bringing awareness to active violent situations and how to stop it. 

The FAA gave a drone awareness briefing Monday at Doctors Hospital to new or current drone owners, helping them become more aware of the safety precautions operating a drone. 

“Certain situations on what to do when you get in that situation or how to apply for waivers or just how to take care of drones around different environments,” Joshua Starker, Drone owner.

 it’s part of the initiative call #StrongAugusta, with Augusta University bringing together first responders in the area to prevent active violence. 

“The effort is primarily built around active threat Active shooter and other type of purposeful harmful violent events,” said John Ryan, Augusta University Emergency Manager.

Flying a drone is a part of those safety initiatives, and this class will help owners learn the do’s and don’ts of drone usage. 

Joshua Starker has been flying drones for two years and hopes to learn a lot from the class. 

“I like the videos and photos that I get from it they are one of a kind that you can’t usually get from the ground,” said Joshua Starker.

With the effort to stop the dangers that may come from drone usage the class offers other tips.

“And what to look out for if you see anything unusual with drone usage or how to report it and how to be a part of the solution in that regard,”  John Ryan, Augusta University Emergency Manager.

Ryan also says they’re always looking to host classes on these topics for organizations and events throughout Augusta.