Strong storms cause damage in Plum Branch, SC


PLUM BRANCH, S.C. (WJBF) – Strong storms moved through parts of our area this afternoon including in Plum Branch, South Carolina.

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NewsChannel 6 photojournalist Chris Shipman spoke with some people in the area about the damage.

“About 2 o’clock today it started raining just after we had seen a weather front coming this way. So, I don’t remember exactly what time it was. And then all of a sudden instead of rain coming rain was coming down hard and fast with wind. And pine needles, pinecones. Limbs were falling out of trees,” said Bea Gould McClain, Owner of Lakeside Grille.

Gene Culbertson, resident of Plum Branch Yacht Club said, “We were just trying to get everything set up. Just thank goodness we didn’t have everything set up. So, we just seen it starting to get hazy and mist of little rain. So, I took the kids inside. And within two minutes, It just started pounding. I thought it was hailing, but it ended up being stuff coming out the pine trees. Pinecones just beating the trailer. We just stayed in the camper until it slowed down a little bit. Then we jumped in the truck and went to the block house up there. And it was bad.”

“This is a courtesy dock for Lakeside Grille. Which is about a hundred feet from here. So, this is where the customers come by boat to eat and to be able to walk from the restaurant to their boats and to get right back out on the lake afterwards. We are a summer business. We are open year-round, but the majority of our business happens in the summer. So, we don’t want to spend the summer without a dock.” said, McClain.

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