Streetlight fee increase for this year still alive


Plans to get many to pay more for streetlights this year are not over yet. 

“I do understand that there may be an attempt to add it to the agenda next week,” says City Administrator Janice Allen Jackson. 

Tax commissioner Steven Kendrick says he’s preparing to send out tax bills with no streetlight fee increases, but if commissioners approve something next week he can hit the brakes and adjust.  

“If on Tuesday they produce something that is different from the file they already submitted, we will check where we are in the process if we’re able too we will change those bills, and will get them out accordingly,” says Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick. 

But what can the commission approve?

Commissioner Sammie Sias will propose Tuesday an $87 dollar residential fee paid by all property owners whether or not they’re currently paying streetlights fees.

Commissioner Wayne Guillfoyle’s proposal is at ninety dollars for residents but he says many people in his district are currently paying a lot more. 

“You’ll have people it might go up a little but you will have a lot where it goes down,” said Guilfoyle.

“Does everybody pay this $90 dollars even if they don’t have streetlights?” 

“No sir this is only the current payers now, this includes the non profits.” said Guilfoyle. 

But these last two final make or break proposals for this year will face opposition from those who don’t want to pass something that will increase tax bills for thousands. 

“I would like to pull money out of contingency to help this revenue shortfall because that money is already budgeted so I don’t know where we’re going to go right now, there isn’t a consensus on moving in one direction,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis.

If the Tax Commissioner must make adjustments, it will depend on six votes next week.

Right now Commissioner Sias says he can’t support Commissioner Guilfoyle’s  proposal where only current streetlight fee payers will see changes. 

Sias also doesn’t support charging those now exempt like churches and non profits.

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