Street light policy change divides commission


Augusta leaders narrowly approved moving forward with changing city policy to allow street light fees to go up.

With the commission divided, Mayor Hardie Davis broke a five to five tie in favor of the measure.

This vote doesn’t raise street light fees, but only allows for city code to be changed.if commissioners approve a rate increase later. 

But opponents said any fee increases should have been talked about first before the policy was changed. 

“Once you rewrite the agreement, the next thing is a vote on it. Once you vote on it, it gets passed. I’m not even giving it that much. I’m not supporting it that much. I think it’s wrong. I think we should have done it a long time ago. We didn’t do it, now we’re up against the wall like we do everything. I got a problem with that,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Supporters say a fee increase is needed to eliminate a more than one million dollar shortfall in the street light budget.

A subcommittee is looking at four options to increase rates, that would raise between six and a half and seven and a half million dollars. 

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