Storm Watch: Augusta emergency leaders prepping for Hurricane Dorian


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Here at home, emergency crews are taking precautions in case the storm impacts this area. Augusta’s Fire Chief and EMA director Christopher James says the city is trying to stay a step ahead of Dorian.

As Dorian sets its sights on Florida’s east coast, the impacts could be felt in Georgia. And with the storm just a few days away, local emergency workers are preparing.

“We can go ahead and start working on getting those resources,” said James. “Just so as us a city and community could be prepared if something comes this way.”

Chief James says the Garden City should be fine. But his team keeping an eye on the forecast.

“If it maintains like it is at this present time we don’t think that will be coming,” says James. “But if anything changes, then we still need to be prepared.”

One impact the storm could have, evacuees could make their way to the Augusta area. During two storms in 2018, the city saw people who evacuated from Chatham County.

“Typically, they use our school system,” explained James. “So Chatham County folks will come and stay in our school system. And our animal control department will be prepared to take in any animals that may come with them.”

Augusta’s fire chief says any decision on housing evacuees could be made as the storm’s path becomes more apparent.

“If it hooks around and comes back, it could cause some flooding in the state of Georgia,” said James. “But wouldn’t expect that to be next week sometime.”

And he says it’s a good idea for people here to prepare, just in case.

“It’s not something we should wait to prepare for when an emergency comes,” said James. “You should always keep three days of food and water at home.”

Chief James told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, he could know this weekend whether Augusta will need to open up its shelters.

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