Stop Work Order placed at Blackstone Camp Rd. construction site for over a month


The construction site on Blackstone Camp Road is flooding again.

These heavy rains stopped construction from the impact to the properties around them.

The last time this area saw heavy rains was back in December. The construction is causing a lot of water runoff which caused a stop work order. About one month later and that stop work order is still there.

The Savannah Riverkeeper, Tonya Bonitatibus, says, “the unfortunate part is that even the stop work order doesn’t benefit anybody. ” She says, “if he has a stop work order I think it’s a $35,000 a day fine every day that he is in violation and can be eligible for. So, I think the quicker that he is into fixing it and moving forward the better for everybody.”

In fact, runoff sediment from construction, the Savannah Riverkeeper says can be illegal in Georgia.

“The fact is that allowing dirt to leave a site is against state law,” says Bonitatibus, “especially when you are talking about the amount that is leaving gullies through the neighborhood.”
But there are solutions to controlling the unwanted waste.

“You don’t mass grade. You don’t take the entire property at one time and flatten it and work on your construction from there. You have to realize, especially working over the winter time in this area it rains a lot, that you should be doing much smaller grading. Stuff that you can work in and complete within the 15 day time period,” says Bonitatibus.

She says the site has the correct infrastructure for draining the water, but when there was too much of it, the water started spilling onto the road.

“Getting in, being active about cleaning it up as much as possible and then being as expeditious as you can about that building,” says Bonitatibus.

A neighbor in River Island told NewsChannel 6 that Southeastern has worked on the remedy for this runoff in this construction area, but as you saw in our footage earlier, we still saw some of it seeping into their neighborhood.

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