Steve Cassell discusses his reasons for resignation and the future of his position


There are big shoes to fill in one of Georgia’s fastest growing counties. Columbia County’s Director of Engineering, Steve Cassell, resigned this week.

Cassell has been in the traffic business for over a decade and has been with Columbia County the past three years.

“It was the little things, that’s what i’ll miss. just working on the little projects,” says Cassell.

The little things made a big difference to him. One of his most memorable projects: North Belair Road and Furrys Ferry Road.

“I experienced it every day dropping my daughter off at school, and 50 ft. of pavement, and it just was not a problem anymore,” says Cassell.

Now Cassell is bidding farewell to public service.

“It just came time, it wasn’t something I was sitting on for a few weeks, we were discussing quite a bit,” says Cassell.

He handed in his resignation letter to go into business with long-time friend, Abie Ladson.

“We’ve always talked about sometime starting our firm to do some engineering work, you know try the private sector,” says Cassell.

Although Columbia County is growing at rapid speed, Cassell says he is leaving the people who live here in good hands.

“Growth is a heck of a lot better than the opposite, but yeah I think we are at a good spot with the plans we got in place to address some of the infrastructure challenges that are coming,” says Cassell.

NewsChannel 6 asked if he has any advice for his replacement, he says honesty is the best policy.

“You want to make people comfortable, that you know what you’re doing. there’s a lot of trust in this position when you’re dealing with tax payer money, and they want to spend it right and you don’t want your name tagged with something that was wasteful you know, or weird,” says Cassell.

Even though he kept the traffic flowing, it’s the people that really kept him moving.

“I was here for a very small period of this history, and you know, I hope I made my mark while I’m here,” says Cassell.

His last day is May 24th. Deputy Administrators will oversee Cassell’s department for the time being.

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