Stench and buzzards raising concerns in Warren County


WARRENTON, Ga. (WJBF) – Several people in Warren County are saying something stinks. A stench so bad county leaders are stepping in.

County native James Newsome says one company is causing a disturbance.

He said, “I would’ve never dreamed that something like this would’ve happened in Warren County.”

Wednesday it didn’t smell bad at all in the Gibson Highway area near Johnson Church. However, those who own property or live in the area say that can change fast.

“At times the stench is so bad that they can’t walk outside, they can’t go outside and sometimes it’s so bad even in the house they can’t stand it,” explained Newsome.

Newsome and a partner with Little Ogeechee Farms LLC, who declined a formal interview, say the company is spraying a chicken by-product as a fertilizer on the land the business owns.

The partner politely pulled over on the side of Gibson Highway in his truck and told NewsChannel 6 the property was purchased in December 2020.

The company’s actions are not against Georgia law and the smell is not the only concern for Newsome and others.

Newsome said, “We have seen hundreds of buzzards flying above this property wherever they have applied the material to the fields or buzzards on the ground. And I don’t think buzzards are on the ground just because some liquid was put in there. There’s got to be some animal part there that’s decaying that they smell or they wouldn’t be scratching around.”

One neighboring farmer that preferred not to go on camera said what Little Ogeechee Farms is doing is a good thing. He said the company even fertilized his property which saved him and his family a lot of money. Now his land is ready to be planted.

“I don’t care what somebody does on their property as long as they do it legally, but I care about it when it affects me,” said Newsome.

“We did cite the people for violation of our nuisance ordinance,” said Warren County Board of Commissioners Chairman John Graham.

The case was going to be heard in probate court Tuesday.

Graham explained, “But the attorneys for these folks asked for it to be moved to superior court and that was granted to have it moved to superior court for trial. Now it’s a legal matter we’re letting the county attorney handle from here.”

The superior court date has not been set.

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