EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) – Stay Social Tap and Table in Evans will be closing its doors for good after Friday night. The decision comes after the Columbia County Commissioners 4-1 vote to revoke its alcohol license, and a judge upholding it.

But Stay employees and its owner, Renee Hajek, are making sure it goes out with a bang.

“We thought what better way? Because we know that it draws a crowd, we know that the drag community is out in full support as they have been because of what has happened,” Hajek said. “We just decided, why not go out with a bang?”

They will be having four drag shows starting at 5:45 Friday night and going until 8:45, and a buffet style dinner that will be $40 per person that includes a non-alcoholic beverage.

The commissioners’ controversial decision to revoke Stay’s alcohol license is a battle Renee has been fighting over the past few months.

Now, the battle is over.

“I want the dust to settle, figure out what is I want to do going forward, I know that I can’t continue on with my business plan as I had it,” she said. “We had to do a couple of 180’s since we opened in the middle of COVID, and we really just thought that this was gonna be another 180, and we would just have to make some changes and move forward. And lo and behold, the revocation changed everything.”

Stay Social is one of three businesses that have closed down in Evans Towne Center in the past month.

The owner of Nailed It! in the plaza is also a member of the Columbia County Development Authority, and has high hopes for the complex being built behind the Performing Arts Center.

“Even though we have issues with Roll On In and Stay, we’re still one of the first businesses in this area, so we are here waiting for the growth and we will take the time to grow our clients, our customers, and show them what a great product that we have and experience,” said Christina Purkapile, the owner of Nailed It! “I think we’ll be fine.”

Renee said she’s not sure what her future plans are moving forward, but she wants to prioritize spending time with her children.

“I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. God’s plan for me apparently was not to operate Stay, but there is another plan behind it and I am in the process right now of trying to figure out what that’s gonna look like,” she said.