AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – “So the purpose of operation slow down is to get people to slow down so we can continue to save lives on our highways” said Col. Chris Williams, South Carolina Highway portal.

A week long speed enforcement is urging drivers on highway to slow down.

“Operation Southern Slow Down” is an annual program targeting speeding drivers. 

Colonel Chris Williams with South Carolina Highway Patrol says since the beginning of 2020 car crashes due to speeding have increased.

“Over the last couple of years we find that erratic drivers or aggressive drivers on our highways go through the speeds of 100 plus as we know these speeds leads to crashes which causes great bodily  injuries as well as fatalities “

And the same goes for Georgia drivers, state troopers say drivers who speed will receive a citation first hand with few warnings given.

that statistically speeds have just increased expeditiously we’re all the time seeing speed at access of 100 miles per hour where as before rarely did you ever catch anybody going over 100 mile an hour “ said SFC Kevin Pope, Georgia State Patrol

“Operation Southern Slowdown” is also taking place in Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.  It ends July 22nd.