AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) –  A new state-of-the-art school will soon be built in Aiken county.

The school district hosted a town hall meeting Wednesday night for parents to give their input on rezoning.

Highland Springs Middle School will soon get a new campus, this rezoning means students will have to switch schools until it is built, causing concerns for parents.

“My biggest rezoning and this probably every parent in here is getting our children to school my children don’t ride the bus. I take them to school and if they’re not they’re being taken by someone else and if her child gets split one way and mine split the other way now I’m revamping my whole existence with I can’t get to work on time I got to take my kids to school”, said Amber Holley, parent.

Aiken County Public Schools will soon build a new state-of-the-art campus at Highland Springs Middle.

Parents were presented with options for rezoning during a Town hall meeting at Midland Valley High School.

Dr. Lance Richards of MGT Consulting told NewsChannel 6, “In partnership with the school district, we set up six scenarios in which parents can provide their input. The school board took a look at those and removed two of those elements and brought four to this community. The community had the opportunity to look at these in order to decide whether they would impact areas two and three or perhaps on the impact area two.”

Parents say the rezoning options given concerns them because of their kids involvement with athletics and living in different areas.  

“I have a child that needs a little bit more attention so because of his needs if you get him in the classroom with a bunch of rowdy children he has lost you for the day,” Ms. Holley expressed.

She also says she will take time to fully review the rezoning plans before deciding what’s best for her children.

“I actually am going to sit down and look at a lot of it I want to look at the townhall meetings that are happening. I want to look at the rezoning where they are giving out some options. I really do want to look at them all. I want to see what my options are as a parent and as just residents of the area.”

There are two more meetings scheduled. The first will be Tuesday, February 28th at 6:00pm at the board office on Brookhaven Drive.

A final meeting will be held March 7th.