Staffing Agencies help bridge employment gap during shutdown


The bills keep coming even if the paychecks don’t– for almost 16,000 Georgians who are furloughed or working without pay during the government shutdown.

“We just want to let the community know that we are here. We are here to be a help, We are here to be a support and a solution to a problem,” says Traci Williams, the Employer Partnership Manager.

Heading into week four, the shutdown is directly affecting about 22% of Georgia’s federal civilian workforce. We spoke  with the Employer Partnership Manager of the Goodwill on Washington Road and she says its staffing services can help those employees bridge the employment gap during the shutdown.

“And we were able to place over a 1,000 people in good jobs. Jobs where they can take care of their families.”

Goodwill Staffing Services has three Job Connections locations. Augusta, Lake Oconee and Macon, where people can come, get registered and update their resume for free.

“We actually have partners. Companies that we staff for so we do have jobs that we can help place people in.”

But goodwill isn’t the only staffing service lending a helping hand during these hard times. The Branch Manager at Kudzu Staffing says they’ve had an increase of calls over the past couple of weeks.

“The difference between these calls and the normal calls we get is We’ll take any position, any pay, we just need to work.”

Gordon Carver says its not uncommon for those who come in seeking temporary jobs to end up staying for good.

“They have a heart two so a lot of these people know what’s going. So they will take somebody and start them off with a lower pay and then increase the pay as long as their skill-sets work out with the company.”

He also says not to judge a book by it’s cover. Going into this situations with an open mind set is key.

“Take advantage of what you can right now, move into a position because a pay check is better than no paycheck.

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