SSU football commit Kyle Frazier tackles cancer


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “God made this happen to me, so that he can see how I’m built, how my mindset is, and how strong I am,” says Kyle Frazier, a cancer survivor and Savannah State University football commit.

“If they would’ve took football and a cancer diagnosis it would have broke him,” says Kenya James, Kyle’s mother.

It was April 24th when Kyle Frazier found out he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The first thought that ran through his mind is if he would still be able to play football.

Fast forward to 4 months later on August 23rd family, friends, and Augusta Oncology doctors were able to celebrate Frazier ringing his cancer free bell.

“I just had a big relief. It was off my chest, because I was just ready to get it rock and rolling and be done with chemo. That was real hard. Like chemo was really hard,” says Kyle Frazier.

Throughout the chemo treatment Frazier tells us his little sister, Kianna, who was born with a rare disease, motivated him to fight and keep smiling.

“After she gets her treatment, I see her run and jump through anything. So, she really kept me strong through all of this. I was like if she can go through it I guess I have to be strong, too,” says Frazier.

Through his mother’s eyes, it was tough to witness.

“As a mom you want to fix things, and this is something that I couldn’t fix.This is something that Kyle had to endure,” says his mother.

But his mother says she had to remain strong and be a cheerleader.

Committed to play for Savannah State’s football team, Frazier fulfilled his promise to himself that he would not let cancer take away the game he loves.

“I wasn’t ready to let it up. I was going to be heartbroken if I couldn’t play. That’s my everything ever since I was little,” says Frazier.

Frazier says if he could describe himself in three words from this adversity, it would be…

“Optimistic, strong, and lion-hearted,” says Frazier

Kyle Frazier will start his freshman year and join his teammates at Savannah State University this upcoming January. Congratulations Kyle for tackling cancer!

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