SRP Park driving up business for some local restaurants, employers hiring more workers


Big crowds at SRP Park are driving up business for some local restaurants. To prepare for the extra customers, business owners are hiring more employees. 

Lines and orders at Your Pie, at 434 Georgia Ave., have doubled since the ballpark opened on Monday. “Especially before the game and after the game,” said Robert Clark, Your Pie Operating Partner. 

Still, the same can’t be said for the Pink Dipper Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor right across the street, at 501 Georgia Ave. 

“You said that you haven’t necessarily seen a big crowd yet?” Asked NewsChannel 6’s Stefany Bornman.

“No we haven’t,” said Pink Dipper Co-Owner Suzanne Fanning.

Sno-Cap Co-Owner Rachel Franklin says a few new customers have dropped-by the drive-in this week, but she thinks the biggest crowds will eat there this weekend. 

“I think, because most of the families are really busy with their rec sports and high school teams are still playing.” Franklin told WJBF NewsChannel 6. “So during the week, I don’t think we will see that much until school is out.” 

To keep hungry customers happy, Sno-Cap and the Pink Dipper have grown their staffs and extended their hours. 

“We’ve hired another part time employee,” said Fanning. 

The local businesses are showing support for the city’s new team by sporting their green and offering customers incentives for dropping by their food joint. 

“[We are] doing a little campaign customer appreciation,” said Franklin. “We are giving away tickets to the game with [a] parking pass.” 

“We’ll try out maybe offering some discounts or something like that.” Clark said. “Maybe get on their ticket stubs or try to get out there and throw some t-shirts or things like that, that help drum up business.” 

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