Springlakes subdivision looking for answers after sediment continues to fill lake


As water flows through Reed Creek and into the lake of the Springslakes neighborhood in Martinez, homeowners say something else is flowing- sediment and storm water run-off.

The HOA president says they’ve dredged the lake twice but new EPA regulations have put a stop to that because the cost to dredge is more expensive.

“It is an asset. The Springlakes lake is one of our assets. We need to maintain it. We need to make sure it’s cleaned-up,” said HOA President Surendra Gupta.

The HOA is working to get another dredging permit, but that’s where it stops.

The HOA says it doesn’t have the cash to move dirt and the HOA says there’s a lot of dirt to remove.

“We’ve had some studies done, and I think the average now is 2 and a half foot of sediment throughout the entire lake,” said homeowner Michael Sutton.

NewsChannel 6 tried to get the county to talk on camera about a possible solution regarding the lake at Springlakes.

No one with the county would go on camera and said the lake is a private lake.

“Even though Springlakes is a private lake, the silt that is coming into our lake is probably not from Springlakes. It’s from various other places outside of our community. So, that’s why we are very much interested in getting help,” said Homeowner Ralph Colbeck.

We spoke to Commissioner Trey Allen who’s over that district.

Allen says the county is considering a special tax district which would have the county front the money but the HOA would still have to pay it back over the course of ten to twenty years.

Allen says it’s just a consideration and the county and HOA would also have to work with the the federal government, U.S. Corps and the EPD which own portions of the lake.

Count on us to keep you updated on the developments as they happen.

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