AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It’s springtime, and people are outside in the sun. Some vendors spent their Sunday introducing people to natural products at Surrey Center.

The Spring Holistic Market brought local small businesses out to talk about the importance of all things natural. 

“So many people are used to going to stores and just buying what is mass produced for us and we think that that’s what’s best for us, when naturally, we want natural skin care, body care, wellness products,” Representative of L’BRI Pure Natural Amy Wilhelm said.

Whether it’s your first time as a business vendor or you’ve been to markets before, Surrey Center had a spot for everyone to participate. 

“It is my first holistic market. We’re very grateful that Kelly told us about it and invited us to it to be able to share and meet other people here in the area and get our name out there for people to know about us as well. We’ve already had a few people come by who said, ‘oh I heard of you, you’re the forest school,’” Rooted Holistic Education Center Brooke- Adrian Murphy said.

And for those who have sold at the market before, they’re always glad to return doing what they love. 

“I squeeze it with a squeezer and then and then I put some sugar and then water,” Brenny said. 

The event takes place twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. 

“Events like this brings the community out on a beautiful day, get to see people they’ve never thought of before or seen products before, and introduces them to something different and new. Plus we’re also giving back to small businesses which we all want to do,” Wilhelm said.

Amy Wilhelm is a part of a company whose brand relies on mainly one natural ingredient. 

“It’s an all aloe-based product, all of our aloe is grown in Texas and all products are produced and manufactured in Wisconsin, and I’m an independent consultant. So, you can’t find these products in the store,” Wilhelm said.

Vendors say the goal for these markets is to introduce another, healthy way to do life.