Sponsor a Teacher: A Facebook group designed to help teachers get their classrooms ready for an unusual school year


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — A Facebook group designed to help teachers get their classrooms ready for an unusual school year during the coronavirus pandemic.

“With the everyday evolving changes with coronavirus and the fact they don’t know how many students they will have in the classrooms, this was my way to say hey community; let’s give these teachers one less thing to worry about,” explained Deron Lillard.

It’s called “Sponsor A Teacher Aiken / Augusta Area.” The group was started for teachers in the CSRA to share their Amazon school supply wishlists and hopefully receive some blessings from the community in return. Lillard says he knows the struggles his wife, who is a teacher, and her colleagues have to go through when buying school supplies, which sparked the idea.

“Any teacher will tell you to take the chance if there is an opportunity to get school supplies,” said Sandthaunia Bryant. “If you’re a true educator at heart, you’re going to go in for it.”

Most teachers in this group are looking to be sponsored because they will need some items they’ve never used before because of COVID, teachers like Sandthaunia Bryant.

“Before it was likely everybody could grab a pencil and put it back when they’re done,” said Bryant. “Now, I don’t want it back, and it is yours to keep. Because there is constant touching and to wipe things down. We’re just trying to keep as many fingers of things as possible.”

So far, more than 2,000 folks have joined the group. The founder says this is an all in effort to support teachers trying to educate during the pandemic.

“Every little bit helps, even if it’s worth five dollars,” said Lillard. “That’s five bucks a teacher doesn’t have to spend from their paycheck.”

Click here to join the group or become a sponsor.

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