SPLOST funded waterpark gathers support


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – City leaders have a list of must haves for the next phase of the sales tax:  a new Juvenile Justice Center, RCCI payoff, the cyber deck bonds…but others are saying if you want this to pass, you got to have something that excites the voters.

In an email to city leaders, political activist Moses Todd says if it’s good enough for Cobb County it should be good enough for Augusta. 

“I think it will help pass the next tax referendum…sales tax referendum, and it’s a quality of life issue,” said Todd. 

Todd contacted Cobb County officials about their Seven Springs Water Park, and says if commissioners approve $5 to 6 million dollars in the next SPLOST, the water park would be an added attraction for Augusta.  

“The city needs one, the children in the community need one and it’s feasible.” said Todd. 

Commissioners are weeding through hundreds of millions of dollars in requests for the SPLOST funding, and some commissioners believe it’s time for the city to dive into on the idea of a waterpark.

“What would we do if we had a nice water park here in Augusta? Somewhere we’ve been talking about, I’ve been talking about that type of situation, the commission has not talked about one thing in the 16 years I’ve been there to talk about economic growth,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Other commissioners see benefits of sticking their toes in on a water park, but not at this time with other needs in Augusta.

“I would love to have a water park in our community. It’s not financially feasible. Maybe that’s something we can look forward to and start planning on a project for the next SPLOST,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

Last spring commissioners were looking at a $257 million-dollar SPLOST package. Right now that’s going up to maybe $265 million. City leaders are hoping that has the right combination of needs and wants for the voters in Augusta.


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