AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — It was quiet when Felicia Washington cast her vote in the District 129, special primary.  

“It was a little disheartening because I was just the second person to vote today but it’s still early, we’re hopeful,” she said.

District 129 is not a small area; it makes up a good section of Augusta with more than 30,000 registered voters. Early voting for the primary began last week, but starting Saturday turnout plummeted, with two days only having single-digit turnout.  

“I believe people think the last vote we did was all, and I think that’s the confusion, they may think the last vote we did was all,” said Patrice Broadrick.

Election officials agree.  

“Of course, this is not even a normal scheduled election the unfortunate death of Henry Wayne Howard caused this election and the Governor set the election date,” said Elections Director Travis Doss.

There’s another week of early voting to go, and with it, the costs. Election officials say the rules for special primaries may be something for state lawmakers to investigate.   

“For this particular election alone, we’re having three weeks of advance voting and two Saturdays, when you have special elections like this, there should be a different schedule from a normal general election,” said Doss.  

And the special primary may not even be over this year, with four candidates in the race there’s the potential for a runoff next month.

“If a run-off is needed, it will be January 17, it will be three weeks of advance voting,” said Doss. 

 It’s been a big election year, but some races are proving to be bigger than others.