Special Care Packages from The Book Tavern helps company survive current economy


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – In downtown Augusta, The Book Tavern has been able to keep its sales up even though foot traffic has been down. They’ve created special care packages.

If you’re a reader, then just being at the book store is something that you miss, and these care packages really bring that back to life.

Down the aisles, along the shelves… It really isn’t a simple thing anymore to find what you like and turn the page.

Co-Owner of The Book Tavern, David Hutchison says, “for me, the idea that I was just going to sit and do nothing for months seemed like the worst thing in the world.”

Kind of like everyone else, right? That’s when the phone started ringing.

“…And she said, I really need something to read right now, but I can’t think through it. Just send me books, you guys know me,” says Hutchison.

Customers gave suggestions which later became a surprise care package. Then one turned to over 300, spreading all across the country.

“We’ve had orders from California, New York, to Washington State. Really all across the midwest,” says Hutchison.

NewsChannel 6’s Jenna Kelley asked, “being a local store in Augusta and seeing your packages all over the country, how does that make you feel?”

Hutchison answered, “tremendously grateful. It’s just really awesome to see someone in California or another place care about us enough to say ‘hey, I’m going to send some business their way and enjoy what The Book Tavern has to offer.'”

This small offer is what saved The Book Tavern and those who make sure we’re reading the right chapter.

“Beyond being a financial boon to us, it also gave us kind of a purpose. I mean it’s kept those of us who work here going. Like we have something to do that’s important,” says Hutchison.

And the idea of sitting and doing nothing for months was thrown out the window, into a box, and delivered to your door… And we can’t forget the personal touch of gratitude.

These care packages have proved the Book Tavern to be really successful that they are going to continue to do it even after the pandemic is over, so just pick up a book, read, and relax.

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