AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The man accused of killing an Augusta Investigator made his first court appearance on Monday.

24-year-old Alvin Hester Jr. was in court to hear charges against him from a Judge.

Those charges include Murder in the death of Richmond County Investigator Cecil Ridley.

NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne was in court today and spoke with Hester’s family. You can watch the full interview below.

It was an emotional conversation for them as this court appearance was the first time they saw hester.

There are two suspects charged in this case.

First to go before Judge Ashley Wright was Deonquez Reid. He’s accused of tampering with evidence. Judge Wright said he moved a bag that Hester had on him during the incident.

Then Hester, the man accused of pulling the trigger and ending Investigator Ridley’s life. This was the second time he was wheeled in. The first time he said he needed some water and to go to the bathroom so Judge Wright called an hour recess. While Judge Wright read Hester his charges he repetitively talked over her. He said things like, “I don’t remember anything. I was just walking down the street when I was shot.”

Hester also said he is not getting food or water at the jail and the wounds he has from being shot by deputies are not being treated. Judge Wright says she’s been informed Hester is refusing the food and water when given to him.

We talked to Hester’s brother, Corey Johnson, after the hearing…

What was it like to see him in court today?

“It was hard to see my brother like that. It was very hard to see him like that. I wish I could do more for him. I wish I could bring him home with me today. Everybody looks at him, they see his tattoos and his hair and they judge him off the top, but when I look at him, I see my little brother. I just see a little baby. He’s a 24 year old kid.”

Have you had a chance to talk to him since last Tuesday?

“I haven’t. This is my first time seeing him since the incident occurred.”

Best case scenario for your family, what would you like to see happen?

“I’d like to see him with proper legal representation, to have a fair trial. Just give him his day in court.”

We understand there will be some unhappy we even interviewed Hester’s family; however, their side of the story is part of this story as a whole. I tried to treat them with the same level of respect that I would want if I was in their shoes. That might upset you as well, but please keep in mind these are all people and these kinds of tragedies ruin multiple families.

Full interview (Explicit Language Warning):