Spay and neuters on hold as vets help the coronavirus fight


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Our pets are not getting the coronavirus but our pets do have other medical issues that need to be treated by vets, but vets are treating these pets but in a way that does not get in the way of the coronavirus response.

Pet owners are on tight leash at All God’s Creatures animal hospital,

“There is still a need for care for peoples pets so we’re here for them but we’re also trying to help with the current situation of social distancing,” said Doctor Scarlett Timmons.

It’s take out only at the animal hospital, pet owners wait in their cars for their pets meds, or the results of a check up.

“Oh I understand it you know I wouldn’t say uncomfortable it’s just different times we’ve never been through so you have to do what you have to do,” said Jim Rhoads, getting some medicine for his dog.

The animal hospital technicians doing their business in the parking lot, different but safer

‘People seem to appreciate the precaution we are taking they seem happy that we’re to prevent more spread of everything,” said Brittany Newkirk.

What’s not getting done at this clinic though are elective surgeries like spaying and neutering, that’s to reduce the use of surgical masks and gowns that are getting in short supply for treating coronavirus patients.

“The American Veterinarian Medicine Association is asking veterinarians not do elective procedures at this time to consider not doing them because we are trying to conserve the PPE for the human field we don’t want them to be without,” said Doctor Timmons.

Its something they are not doing here but would rather t be doing they say getting pets fixed is vitally important.
Doctor Timmons says she does ten to fifteen spay and neuters a day at this clinic, so you can image the backlog once things get back to normal, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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