AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — In order for the Army to keep fighting the country’s enemies, it will need to improve how it uses technology. So NewsChannel 6’s Renetta DuBose sat down with the U.S. Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff during this year’s TechNet Augusta conference to see how the agency is accomplishing the goal.

You will find a sea of tech driven businesses for a country wanting to keep up with the communication demand at the Marriott in downtown Augusta. This year’s TechNet Augusta brought out every gadget you can and cannot imagine. Nearby Fort Gordon was among the topic of discussion at the conference. The U.S. Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. John B. Morrison Jr., said the agency’s goal is a data centric war fighting army.

“Army Cyber here at Ft. Gordon will deliver operational effects into tactical areas around the world,” he told a group of reporters Wednesday.

This job will be done with the help of the Army Unified Network. Morrison says the plan is to stop operating in silos and join forces.

“It’s about speed, range and convergence. The speed is decision dominant. You see it. You understand it and you are able to act on it faster than your adversary.”

During Tuesday’s opening, Major General Paul Stanton spoke to the need for youth to fill tech type jobs in the Army.

“We cannot start early enough in motivating out youth to be the technologists that we need today and into the future,” Major General Paul Stanton said.

Morrison also said we need to educate the younger generation on this new skill set.

He added, “I can’t over emphasize the criticality of a STEM education across our great nation. Because there is a technical underpinning that’s going to be very, very important for our army and the rest of the joint forces to defend the nation.”

Morrison said you can expect improvements in the next two to three years.