(WJBF) – In June of 2020 a ​gunshot took not only a man… but a big part of a local family.

“It’s a testament to who Brandon was– you know, Brandon was a father, he was a good friend, he’s a son– he’s an all-around good guy and he didn’t deserve this,” Odom’s father Jonathan Odom said.

The family of 25-year old Brandon Odom continues to seek justice while celebrating his life.

“We’re gathered here today to kind of celebrate my son’s life Brandon Odom, he was murdered here in Aiken and we haven’t found justice for him,” Joenathan Odom said.

A balloon release took place earlier in the afternoon followed by a Bar-B-Que.

“It means everything to me to be here, to celebrate his life and you know, show that his life still goes on. Even though he’s not here with us physically, [he’s going] to always be here. Can’t kill his spirit,” Odom’s uncle Michael Odom said.

There was also fun activities for the children and a family-friendly game of kickball. 

While having fun, Odom’s family wants people to know that they are still fighting for answers and justice. 

“We need to seek justice for Brandon, there’s not a lot going on and it’s getting to the point where we think it’s going to go cold and we don’t want that to happen because it sends out a message that people can have these acts of violence and get away with it,” Joenathan Odom said.

Odom’s uncle says he just doesn’t understand the violence. 

“It’s, it’s meaningless. What’s the odds of you getting out, what’s the odds of you getting away with it. What’s the odds– you know, you’re damaging somebody’s family.”

The family says while they are glad to gather and celebrate the light that Brandon Odom is and was, justice is a priority.

“He matters– I want him to matter. Like, his life matters, he’s not just any ‘ol just, you know, person,” Michael Odom said.