South Carolina family home becomes Recovery Road Ministries Women Center


A long term recovery center just opened up in Aiken County for women addicted to drugs and alcohol.

It took recovery road ministries three years to buy and renovate the home, but starting Monday, they’re open for business.

It is a recovery center, but it is very much so a home to one South Carolina family, for over 50 years.

Phyllis Ready Eubanks mother and father bought the house back in 1968.

Recovery Road Ministries Women’s Recovery Home

The corner of Canal St. and Church St. is memories of family dinners and play time with grandma and grandpa.

“My children loved this house. Today, was a little hard. They said they couldn’t come, got too many memories, they wanted to remember this house the way it was,” says Eubanks.

Now, it’s a recovery house for women suffering drug and alcohol addiction.

Executive Director for Recovery Road Ministries, Gary Farina, says, “there’s nowhere for anybody to go who’s got an addiction, once they get out of jail in Aiken County, there is no long term facility at all.”

After Recovery Road’s Ministries weekly bible study at the Aiken County jail, Gary farina, the Executive Director, talks with those behind bars who want change.

Seeing the bigger picture, he opened up a 10 month program for up to fourteen women.

“They’re going to go through job training. If they need an education, we are going to get them started on their ged. So, we’ll try to help them control their money and budget for them, so when they get out of here, they’ll have a job, money and hopefully a place to stay,” says Farina.

NewsChannel 6 reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked Farina, “we hear about relapses, how do you help them through that process?”

“Well, this is a christian based house right? So, we have a program that Dr. Ron Morris has written, he’s the chaplain at the detention center, it’s called ‘clean and free’ and it’s recovery biblically based,” says Farina.

“I think my mom would be looking down and i think she’s smiling. Her and my dad both. To know that their house will be used to service the community and help these girls find a new life,” says Eubanks.

Recovery Road Ministries is also looking for donations and it doesn’t just have to be money. They are looking for items such as hygiene products and even clothes.

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