South Augusta seeks a face lift thanks to new developments


SOUTH AUGUSTA,Ga. (WJBF)-South Augusta seeing the benefits of the recent growth in our area.

The sound of new development in South Augusta. Those new homes and neighborhoods are giving homeowners more bang for their buck.

What are some of the things you factor into picking this house?

“The cost of living and space, I love the space- I got the corner lot. It was quite reasonable compared to other areas,” says Jerome McFadden a homeowner in Walton Farm.

Jerome McFadden owns a three story house in Walton Farms — a new subdivision off Willis-Foreman Road.

Jerome’s house was built after he retired from the military. His proximity to Fort Gordon’s gate five means most of his neighbors are affiliated with the post or the cyber center.

“South Augusta is more affordable because I tried to build this same house in Columbia County and Aiken County and this was the better price,” says McFadden.

“These houses range from 250 on up, so most people who are purchasing these houses are established families.”

Hicks says the quality of life in South Augusta is good, and he says neighborhoods like Walton Farms are turning peoples’ perceptions of the area around.

“When they think about South Augusta that’s what they think about. crime but in Walton Farms we are not in a crime populated neighborhood.”

Just this year alone Hicks says 25 lots have been sold

Why is is that people are coming to South Augusta?
“Really they don’t have anywhere else to go, Grovetown is overpopulated and Evans, so South Augusta is next and it’s actually booming.”

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