Some Augusta residents say Riverwalk needs better cleanliness, others disagree


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Some locals say they’re unhappy with the Augusta Riverwalk, noting overgrowth and trash as major concerns. But others say it’s great the way it is.

“Is it pristine? Perfect? No. But I’d give it a 92 out of 100,” Robert Williams said.

Williams lives in Augusta and says the Riverwalk is his exercise spot. He frequents the attraction four days a week, and he says those who enjoy the Riverwalk should feel a personal responsibility in keeping it clean.

“I mean it’s your trash, take it with you. If you see it on the ground and it doesn’t cost you anything, pick it up,” Williams said. “I mean just basic what your mommy and daddy should have taught you. It’s our place so let us take care of it.”

And many locals do feel that responsibility. Just last month, Augustans got together for a successful Riverwalk cleanup event.

But some Facebook users say the city is the one not taking enough responsibility. One user said the amount of trash he saw along the walk was “embarrassing”.

But those walking the Riverwalk Tuesday say they don’t think trash or overgrowth appear to be a problem.

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Penny Grabowski, who’s visiting from Arizona. “I wish we had one at our house, where we live in Arizona. But yeah, it’s beautiful here and I think it’s very clean.”

Tuesday the walkway had empty trash cans and cut grass. Williams said trash is usually only a problem after an event.

“It’s not horrendous issues on a daily basis, but I could tell you when there was a big party over the weekend of course,” Williams said.

One Facebook user commented that a popular post was made Monday morning before maintenance got around to the weekend trash. NewsChannel 6 reached out to the Department of Parks and Recreation about the Riverwalk trash and maintenance schedule, and we have not yet heard back. We will keep you updated.

“There’s always better to do, but it could be far worse,” Williams said. “Like I said, 92 out of 100. It’s a low A, I’ll take it.”

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