Solution still sought for streetlight shortfall


Augusta commissioners are still looking for a solution to the streetlight problem. 

A fee increase was defeated Tuesday when Mayor Hardie Davis broke a five to five tie and voted against it. 

Right now the billing system doesn’t cover the cost of turning on the lights, and there’s a more than one million dollar shortfall

Some city leaders say reserves could be used to pay down the debt.

“Taking those funds from contingency or fund balance but again I’m not in favor of fund balance, but it’s a multi-year fix so I think we have to start somewhere or it’s just going to continue to have a shortfall,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis. 

Time is running out for Commissioners to approve an increase to make it on this years tax bill that will be mailed out next month.

City Administrator Janice Jackson said in a statement quote  “I hope the commission will re-consider this matter very soon.”

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