AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – At Diamond Lakes a new ball field would not be a surprise but what is turning heads is a brand-new array of solar panels. 

“We did get some questions… ‘hey what are they doing out there’, ‘what is this for?’ If you weren’t here for the beginning of the project, you missed some of the public meetings,” said Interim Central Services Director Ron Lampkin. 

What the panels represent is a public view of the city’s massive $24-million-dollar contract with Trane Technologies to modernize Augusta’s energy systems. 

At Diamond Lakes, the solar panels will soon connect to the Library and the Robert Howard Community Center, providing the buildings with one third of their power needs through renewable energy. 

“Everything is going solar, clean energy. It’s actually saving money. We’ve actually started getting rebates in,” said Lampkin.  

And the solar panels are just one of the changes coming to Diamonds Lakes 

The next step will be at the walking track where solar powered lights will be installed 

This will allow visitors to use the track safely after dark when it’s cooler. 

“When I come in the evening time, there’s more people walking anyway, because most of the people at off work and as you said it’s not as hot,” said Peggy Brandford.  

The savings from going green will allow Augusta to pay off the contract with Trane, which the company guarantees at a million and a half dollars a year, in Augusta George Eskola WBF NewsChannel 6.