Smile! Local Photographer joins “Front Steps” Project to support a nonprofit


Columbia County, Ga, (WJBF)- Sweep your front steps, grab your family and smile!

Nonprofits have taken a hit during this pandemic, but a Columbia County photographer found a way to give back, while capturing the moment.

Whitney Boykin found a way to make your front steps a set for family photos. She found a way to capture the happy times, during a scary time.

It’s called the “Front Steps” Project.

“I come to your yard, you just come right out to your front steps,” says Boykin. “I don’t get too close. I stay back. And snap some pictures of you and your family. You and your dog. You and your spouse. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.”

Trying to keep her business alive and families smiling she joined a nationwide phenomemon.

“Everything has kind of been on pause so I was trying to think of something creative and I saw that a photographer in Boston had come up with the ‘Front Steps project.'”

A project where some of the proceeds go to a non-profit of her choice.

She chose the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“My daughter was diagnosed in 2017 with a rare cancer. It wasn’t Leukemia and Lymphoma, but after seeing what our family went through and just how tough it is, I just knew that this was the right thing to do this year,” says Boykin.

While some may be writing history… Boykin’s client, Madelyn Goff, says the photographer is going yard-to-yard to capture it.

“You can show like your grandkids or even kids, like all this crazy stuff was going around and we made the best out of it,” says Goff.

If you would like to know what day Whitney is in your area, you can head to

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