Slow turnout for commission runoffs


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This is a key runoff election for the makeup of a full third of the commission being decided. The turnout is being described as slow but steady with the emphasis on the slow. 

 Julian Smith Casino wasn’t taking this runoff, off.  

 The precincts here had all three commission races on the ballot.  

 But this normally active polling place was anything but busy.  

“Today has been pretty slow, we have a trickle of people coming in but like you said nothing like it usually is,” said Judy Blackstone, the poll manager.  

 For the candidates it’s the last day of a long campaign, that coincided with the coronavirus, they were out drumming up 11th hour votes they know every vote is significant, but the poor turnout was troubling.  

 “All the people I talked to seemed pretty excited about it there were a few that didn’t realize there was a run off happening so somewhere in Augusta were missing a step,” said Michael Thurman, District 1 candidate.  

“Folks are concerned about COVID they’re concerned about how they’re going to feed their families but we have to make sure we go out and let them know this election is important,” said District 1 candidate Jordan Johnson. 

 In District 9 Corey Johnson is not only facing Francine Scott and a low turnout but also, a residency challenge to the Board of Elections from an opponent in the June Election saying he doesn’t live in the district.  

“I know I will be vindicated because all those things show my residency as this residence,” said Johnson.   

 Voters have a lot of decisions to make, issues to be concerned with, but election officials say at least there were not the issues with the new voting machines that took place in June.  

 “Today was smooth, it went really well this morning so far so good,” said Blackstone.  

 Elections Director Lynn Bailey predicting a 15 to 20 percent turnout for this run off but watching the action at the polls she was revising that downward thinking it would be closer to 15 rather than 20. 

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