Sinkhole in North Augusta causes challenges for local business


A detour on one North Augusta Road and it’s steering away traffic from a brand new business.

There’s a sinkhole on East Buena Vista Ave. towards Highway 25. It’s just between the start of Philpot Lane and a brand new business, Tenth Inning Bar and Grill.

Two months ago a torrential downpour hit the area and all of the water was too much pressure on the pipe under the road.

Tenth Innings Bar & Grill is now struggling with the most important part of their customer base… a route to get there.

Co-Owner of Tenth Inning Bar and Grill, Thomas Carney, says, “people are telling other people ‘well, hows that work with y’all’s road being closed over there,’ and I mean it’s tough. It’s a struggle.”

This brand new business opened June 21, but the road closed down June 24.

Three days is all it took for Tenth Innings Bar & Grill to face their very first business struggle.

“I heard numerous people say that had they not come in from Martintown or Atomic Rd. if they would have hit that road block they would have just turned around and went somewhere else,” says Carney.

Due to weather conditions, the whole side of the road collapsed.

SCDOT-Aiken Representative, Anthony Burns, says, “yes, like I said, when the pressure was too great and the pipe blew out the material that was in the slope just followed it down.”

Carney says he understands it takes time, but he wants to see more progress.

“Absolutely 100% dangerous, but you know I’ve seen somebody over there once in two months,” says Carney.

This kind of project can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can take several months.

“We got a approval for the emergency funds to be dispersed and it is in the design stage now, so we are waiting on a design to come out so it can be put out for bids for contractors to bid on,” says Burns.

Carney says business has been fair, but he says he knows it could be better.

“You know it’s a lot of support trying to get a business off the ground and word of mouth is just the biggest thing,” says Carney.

Tenth Inning Bar & Grill is located right near SRP Park. They are open and accepting business.

As for the pipe failure, it’s just a road block that will take time to fix.

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