AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Caitlyn Guilfoyle is just one of several Richmond County students taking the next step toward a career in education.

“My grandma tutored a couple of kindergarteners, and I went with her and that’s when I realized oh this is my thing. That’s when I started going into education and choosing that as my career,” Guilfoyle said.

Signing Day is typically a celebration for athletes — but Tuesday it was a celebration for students planning a career in education.

“Its inspiring and it gives me motivation to keep going through college,” Guilfoyle said.

It comes as Georgia continues to deal with a statewide teacher shortage.

Kristy Brown, the assistant dean for Augusta University College of Education said its critical to get more teachers into classrooms.

“We need to recruit other teachers or people who want to be teachers because we need effective teachers in our classrooms to teach our students,” Brown said.

Brown said it’s also important to recruit diverse teachers so students can see representation in the classroom.

“Representation matters so students of color need to see teachers of color, but also white students need to see teachers of color. I think it’s so important that every single student can identify with one of their teachers,” Brown said.

For Guilfoyle, it means being able to make a difference in the lives of students.

“It’s important to just know what the future generation holds and if I can be a part of inspiring them to do greater things that means the world to me.”