AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – With his attorney by his side, Sammie Sias said he’s not running from the serious allegations he’s now facing.

“These wide ranging allegations are to attack my character and attempt to destroy the critical resources that serve our community, these are the actions of a person feeling scorned,” said Commissioner Sias.

This week Willa Hilton sent a letter to city leaders detailing several bombshell accusations against Sammie Sias, after she was fired as the manager at Jamestown Community, accusing Sias of misusing and pocketing tax dollars, and mistreating summer campers

Sias said the allegations were not the truth, but the words of a scorned lover.

“I participated in an extended consensual with Ms Hilton for two decades. In September 2018 I terminated the relationship over the objections of Ms Hilton,” said Sias.

As for the charges of misusing sales tax dollars, Sias says the rules were followed and Jamestown never requested any funds

“The association never asked to get into the SPLOST business, the city brought that proposal to us,” said Sias.

As for the mistreating of children at Jamestown, Sias says that never happened.

“In our camper program, I have never abused a child, and I never will,” said Sias.

Hilton also accused Sias of having alcohol, a loaded gun and watching porn at the center. Sias would repose when I asked if that was true…

“George remember what I said in the beginning. That’s an inappropriate question,” Sias said.

Commissioner Bill Fennoy was Sias’ only colleague to come out in support, but said the allegations need to be looked into.

“Issues of child abuse…there should be an investigation anytime there is an allegation of the misuse of funds, there should be an investigation,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Sias didn’t call for an investigation but said he wouldn’t have any problem with one. He says it needs to be done under the penalty of law to punish anyone who lies.

Commissioners will discuss the allegations next Tuesday and members say plans are to move on requesting a formal investigation.