Sheriff Williams on Magnolia Acres fight video: “This is not Burke County”


A video making its way around social media of a man being beaten and gun shots being fired landed one man in jail and others are on their way.

NewsChannel 6 first learned about the incident Sunday night after the Burke County Sheriff’s Office announced they were looking for 32-year-old Dedrick Phillips for his alleged involvement in the fight. 

We then made our way to Magnolia Acres Monday where Frankie Griffin has lived for about seven years.

“The young black ladies that live out here, most of them got these young black boyfriends and they come out here,” Griffin said. 

The 82-year-old is blaming the recent fight in Magnolia Acres on men who do not actually live in the housing community.  He said anyone allowing troublemakers inside the housing community should be put out. 

“It ain’t a bunch of women that’s out here doing this.  It’s the young black men and the old black men too.  It’s a few of them,” he said. 

The video shows a man on the ground covering his head and another man hitting him and stomping his foot into his head. 

“I came out the door and walked around at the time that he was laying on the ground.  I saw some blood,” Griffin described. 

The Burke County Sheriff said the video shows a man being beaten and stomped while others stood around, both women and children, who later were in the line of gun fire. 

“I put the full video out on social media because I was outraged,” Sheriff Williams told NewsChannel 6.  “I just can’t believe the children have to see that.   That adults have to see that.”

Sheriff Williams added he was working in dispatch when a call came in about shots fired.  He said investigators spoke with witnesses anonymously and are even looking at cameras inside Magnolia Acres to learn more.  That work led to the arrest of Phillips, who they said can be seen on the film as the primary aggressor.  What you do not see, but can hear is the person recording the video and Sheriff Williams said that person will be charged for encouraging the action.  

“A camera captures what has happened.  It’s not a proactive measure, it’s a reactive measure,” the Sheriff said.  “What we have done proactively is we get into our schools.  Our deputies are in our schools and they are working with our children.  They are learning to have positive relationships with our children.”

Sheriff Williams said the victim in the video was involved in a fight with Phillips prior to the start of the video, so the victim will be arrested and charged. He has been released from the hospital. 

Photojournalist: Mark Gaskins


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