Sheriff Stearns issues phone scam alert

Scam Alert Telephone Fraud Crime 3d Illustration_1557330111225

Scam Alert Telephone Fraud Crime 3d Illustration

McCormick, SC – (McCormick Messenger)

A few dozen McCormick residents called the county sheriff this past week to complain about phone scams. 

“Usually, the caller states he works for the Social Security Administration and asks for your social security number,” said McCormick County Sheriff Clarke Stearns. 

“The caller then says that there is a warrant for your arrest and you should not cooperate with the investigation,” Stearns said. “This is a scam.” 

The Social Security Administration does not make these kinds of calls. The sheriff advises to never repeat your social security number, but to simply hang up, and if possible, block the number. 

“The area code commonly called from is 315, which is assigned to New York,” Stearns said. “The numbers are ‘spoofed,’ which means they are generated through a computer and are usually from out of the country. 

“Spoofed phone calls are almost impossible to trace. Please be aware and do not give any personal information over the telephone,” said Stearns.

This story first appeared in the McCormick Messenger.

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