Sheriff Roundtree disappointed in budget recommendations


Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree believes Augusta leaders need to take another look at his department’s budget   

Roundtree requested almost $700 thousand dollars next year to complete pay raises for deputies.

Last year Commissioners cut the Sheriff’s budget request by that amount. They said they would review the remaining request in the 2019 budget.

But the pay raises are not  part of the recommended budget. 

“Was it disappointing? Initially yeah, absolutely. Because again we choose to defund 30 positions based on the agreement, the fact that we would implement the majority of the raise package this year and complete the compensation for the work the deputies do,” says Sheriff Richard Roundtree. 

Both the Sheriff and the Administrator’s office say talks do continue on the pay raise request.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote on final approval of the budget in about three weeks  

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