Sheriff defends west Augusta precinct


A greater police presence is heading to west Augusta.

As we reported the owners of the Publix shopping center on Washington Road, have agreed to lease the sheriff’s office, space for a dollar a year.

The Sheriff says this will be used as the newest precinct. housing 30 to 40 deputies.

but some commissioners believe other parts of Augusta would be better suited based on crimes rates

“I think people look at when they talk about crime they only equate it to violent crime and as we know property crime effects people ten times as much as violent crime so again we’re taking about thefts and burglaries car break-ins in that corridor you know the person whose purse is stolen out of their car when they were shopping I think they’ll think it was a good idea to have an officer in that area,” said Sheriff Richard Roundtree.

Commissioners agreed to spend 100 thousand dollars to equip the office, pending their approval of the lease agreement.

If that happens next week the sheriff says the precinct could be open in about a month.

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