Shelters being prepared for Hurricane Dorian evacuees


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta emergency officials took action early to prepare for Hurricane Dorian. A number of counties in Georgia and South Carolina have already been ordered to evacuate which may bring some evacuees to Augusta.

The local Red Cross, Marshal’s Office, Public Health, and the Augusta Fire Department all pitched in to help transform both of Westside High School’s gyms into evacuation centers.

There will be doctors and medical equipment on-site. As well as 100 cots in each gym with food, water, and other resources.

“They have a nurses chart on the board with the patients listed on it, so they will know who they’re assisting, what they need, and who’s responsible for checking on these evacuees. So this one is very important that we set up earlier if they come,” said Augusta Fire Chief Christopher James.

Chief James added, “These are folks that Savannah already has on a registry. That need some assistance in getting out and have some medical needs. That would mean we need to get them out earlier and go ahead and have a place set up.”

Emergency officials say it depends on how many people come to Augusta, then they’ll know how many shelters they’ll open. The shelter at Westside High are not activated yet but we will let you know when they are.

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