While ghosts and goblins enjoy this Halloween, approximately 25 to 30 sex offenders, on probation, will be reporting to Grovetown City Hall.

But, not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

“I think they’re already under supervision and they’re on parole, and they’ve been checked on. I really see no point in it,” said Rita Fritz.

Others who live in the city of Grovetown think it’s a great idea.

“Because of this you probably won’t have to look at your kid in every yard they go up in, worried that someone will grab them. You can actually stand at the road and let them walk up,” said one parent.

The group of sex offenders staying in the chambers are from throughout Columbia County.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office checks up on sex offenders regularly, per state law.

The group of sex offenders at Grovetown City Hall will be overseen by the Georgia Department of Community Supervision which is making this a state-wide event.

“It’s something we do annually and it’s to tailor our supervision to ensure individuals under our supervision are being closely monitored and held accountable,” said Public Information Officer for Georgia DCS James Hill.

Hill says each individual will have their cases looked into while they are at Grovetown City Hall. Hill adds this initiative isn’t just safe for kids on Halloween.

It’s also better for the offender.

“It’s also to their benefit in a sense that they don’t have to be concerned or worry that they will be accused of any wrongdoing, breaking any laws or terms of their release,” said Hill.

While this is a probation agency operation in the city of Grovetown, over the river, South Carolina law enforcement agencies have strict policies offenders must follow.

Aiken County requires sex offenders to report to the Probation Parole and Pardon Services Office when the trick-or-treaters are out.

Right now, there’s no word on whether or not Grovetown City Hall will play host to Georgia DCS offenders next year.